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Experts said that the inflation rate is also expected to rise up to as much as 13 percent, which will mean faithlessness with the targets that the National Economic Council (NEC) had set only a few weeks ago, the cement manufacturers argued.
Holiness produces faith and spiritual power; carnality produces faithlessness and a life void of spiritual power
and the son thought, what wisdom: a gift of faithlessness before
Modern history became the record of a fall into faithlessness, while the polluted skies of Ruskin's maturity warned not just of social malaise, but of a coming brain storm.
This observational piece about women considers faithlessness, sexuality, and commitment in a survey that reconsiders female infidelity and sexuality alike.
Boyz II Men adds dramatic heft to the gorgeous harmonies that frame 'If You Leave Me Now,' an a cappella number that examines a relationship that has succumbed to serial faithlessness.
In this light, progressive liberalism is a "derivation" that puts a sophisticated veneer on the behavior of foxes, rationalizing their essential faithlessness as a philosophy of openness.
The one-way, one-to-many communicative logic of broadcasting fed into what Coleman calls "audience democracy," which treated citizens as "pliable political consumers." It also abetted the faithlessness of elected representatives over the past four decades.
Media reported that the woman's brother-in-law accused her of faithlessness and killed her.
This whole explanation of his taking the money and running away one fine sunny day is fishy on three major counts excluding the mental leap of faithlessness that because there are two Modis in the story they somehow conspired together.
It is the civilian leadership's disposition to putting personal interest ahead of national interests that has resulted in the faithlessness in the government.
After all, if he has the only truth and your spirit is at risk and his faith demands that he lift you up from faithlessness and sin, then he has the benevolent responsibility to enter your life and bring you along with him.