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De Jesus enumerated other elements that factored in writing the music: 'Faith, faithlessness, fanaticism, politics.
This whole explanation of his taking the money and running away one fine sunny day is fishy on three major counts excluding the mental leap of faithlessness that because there are two Modis in the story they somehow conspired together.
It is the civilian leadership's disposition to putting personal interest ahead of national interests that has resulted in the faithlessness in the government.
After all, if he has the only truth and your spirit is at risk and his faith demands that he lift you up from faithlessness and sin, then he has the benevolent responsibility to enter your life and bring you along with him.
Thus the disruptive power of surfing, which exerts an allegiance to itself and a faithlessness to the rest of the world that is capable of ending romantic relationships and terminating gainful employment at the rise of a swell.
His particular obsession with seduction and betrayal suggests that he is intimately acquainted with faithlessness in love (and not, we are led to infer, simply the romantic kind), which he seems both to have discovered in himself and suffered at the hands of others.
This ritual, symbolizing the faithlessness of faith and trust in God, calls people to good deeds and gives them the spiritual comfort.
The Jesuit Father Martin D'Arcy, who oversaw Waugh's religious instruction, remarked that he came to Catholicism through his revulsion with the modern world and its faithlessness, hoping, as D'Arcy wrote, that through it he could regain "a recrudescence of hope and even gaiety.
Cynthia's complaints are clear and all point to one overarching concern: the lover-poet's faithlessness.
At around 20 hours long, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is mercifully short for a Japanese role player.
Haufrau," pronounced the New York Times Book Review, "is obviously something of a Madame Bovary/ Anna Karenina mash-up featuring the expected secrets and lies, faithlessness and despair.
By insinuating unfounded suspicions in our thoughts, suggesting faithlessness or through actions and speeches, Satan tries to divert us from Islam and or its simplicity setting up many different traps for us.