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16) However, as the historical example above illustrates, challenging the status quo while avoiding redlines altogether is tactically different from encroaching on weak redlines; I treat the latter (encroaching on weak redlines) as a subset of the discussion on faits accomplis, below.
Selon Hagit Ofran, membre dirigeante a l'ONG, [beaucoup moins que] tous ces chiffres prouvent que Netanyahu, en campagne pour sa reelection, fait tout pour multiplier les faits accomplis sur le terrain en vue de rendre impossible une solution a deux Etats israelien et palestinien [beaucoup plus grand que].
La plupart d'entre eux, au contraire, devant les faits accomplis, preferent parler d'ideaux qui s'effondrent, de programmes qui s'ecroulent definitivement et autres plaisanteries du meme genre.
The weird legal amendments they introduced as faits accomplis, without paying any heed to demands voiced by any social group, their dream of using the state's facilities to raise a "religious generation," their refusal to appreciate any viewpoint other than that of their own religious beliefs, even in political matters, the ruthlessness by which they abuse religious issues for political gain, their efforts to mobilize public facilities to raise new generations or shape existing ones and recruit them for their political machinery, their plans to destroy all divergent civil society organizations, and the arrogance with which they believe they are entitled to meddle with the private lives of people -- as if this was the most normal thing to do -- are just a few examples.
At the meeting he had yesterday at the Presidential Palace with the Mayors of Kyrenia, Lapithos and Karavas, the President of the Union of Communities of the Kyrenia district and with representatives of women s organizations of the town and district of Kyrenia, President Christofias said that there are no developments on the Cyprus problem and that there has been a setback since Mr Eroglu took over the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community, noting that the Greek Cypriot side cannot accept the faits accomplis.
There is little in the daily paper of the sustained face-to-face debate, the slow unraveling of an argument, the lengthy teasing-out of an idea enacted in Plato's script--just plenty of tragic faits accomplis.
Our people no longer allow faits accomplis and horribleness.
beaucoup moins que]C'est un moment tragique et douloureux et la fin du parcours d'une grande personnalite qui fut parmi les sages d'Algerie, un parcours riche en hauts faits accomplis pendant la guerre de Liberation nationale.
It constitutes yet another deliberate act of provocation by Turkey aimed at further consolidating its effective political and economic control over the occupied part of Cyprus, deepening the existing division and creating new faits accomplis on the ground," the letter said.
In a written statement he said it has been "a long standing position of Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades that any action taking place during the Cyprus talks aiming to establish faits accomplis is unacceptable and will lead to not reaching a solution.
It's 31 years since Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot leadership made their illegal unilateral declaration of the pseudo-state, in the framework of their policy to make permanent and to legitimise the faits accomplis of the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation, and for the division of Cyprus," said Christodoulides in a written statement, highlighting that the UN Security Council condemned the declaration, characterising it as legally invalid and calling upon all states not to recognise the pseudo-state.