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'That is concerning, because we accepted it to become a norm and it is quite normal to see fake news and disinformation,' she emphasized.
In the real note it was rough, whereas in the fake one it was smooth.
Also speaking the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ASCO Investment, Chief Sam Anyanwutaku decried the rate of fake products being peddled in Nigerian markets.
'The truth is only the whole truth and partial truth is fake news,' he underlined.
The most frequent were those of the nominal value euro2 (79.8 percent) and all were captured in circulation.Use a magnetThe quality of the fake coins is also high.
The directive came after Prime Minister Hun Sen called on media to tackle fake news in his address to some 5,000 government officials and journalists at an annual gathering in Phnom Penh on January 14.
Meanwhile, few have noticed the date put on the fake printed editions that points out to "May 1, 2019".
Fake windows aren't always a good fit but in poky office interiors and dark, dismal basements, any window - even a fake one - can provide respite.
He said the police were tipped off about the gang which was involved in making fake currency and spreading it to rest of the country.
Eighty-eight percent of those whogo online to check their social media accounts wereaware of fake news, and most of them (79 percent) said "they consider fake news to be widespread on social media." Pulse Asia noted: "A lower level of awareness is posted in June 2017, with 74% of those who use the internet to check their social media accounts saying they have read, heard, or watched at least one piece of fake news on social media.
These articles were very similar to today's fake news.
Tsai said that some fake news comes from China, and that this causes a problem because Taiwan is a democracy that respects freedom of speech.