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Journalists (45 per cent), national authorities (39 per cent) and the press and broadcasting management (36 per cent) are the three top things that could stop the spread of fake news according to EU nationals.
Tech players and legit publishers need to work closely to set up a mechanism that identifies fake news within certain parameters.
Building up the process of countering fake news in different countries across the world is an important step toward achieving a world with no fake news.
While the media spent 90% of the time focused on negative coverage or fake news, the President has been getting results," the website read.
A consultant at a London teaching hospital bought a degree in internal medicine from the fake Belford University in 2007.
official sources at Commissioner Office and law enforcement agency confirmed that action would be taken against those who got job at BVH and received salaries for several months while they were not eligible to receive salary as their appointment orders were fake.
But it is not just the media that has a part to play in defeating fake news.
We have police warning pharmacies to look out for fake veterinary prescriptions as drug abusers attempt to get hold of recreational drugs.
Fake news on vulnerabilities, exploits and breaches is rare so far, but the ramifications could be mind-boggling and resource-intensive if threats are taken out of context and without perspective.
Fake news is getting a lot of attention--and not only from information professionals.
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Perhaps the participants were not provided an adequate strategy for faking, or were not suitably invested in attempting to fake repertoires with respect to the stimuli contained in the IRAP.