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Say you have no autopilot, so to safely get past FAKER and CIBVU, you've just been flying a modified dive-n-drive.
And many have pointed this out before, but Faker himself is not very entertaining.
To illustrate language faking, I present here the entire corpus collected in an interview from one faker, before the interview was ended.
Bui Lamarckian principles are still being used as "science" today by the nature fakers lo justify their concepts of wildlife management.
The faker knows that she must choose her timing wisely.
Staff allegedly denied the girl water but did administer a full course of ridicule: calling her a faker, laughing at her, dragging her, dropping her limp hand onto her face, and finally threatening to videotape her to prove "what a pathetic and uncooperative child she was," the eyewitnesses said.
Films such as The Pelican Brief and Clear and Present Danger portray fictional Reaganesque presidents in the light that Hollywood sees Reagan: as equal parts faker, killer, and doofus.
Never mind--White's book will do all the remembering for this sublime faker and exaggerator, who once confided to Sartre "that he detests flowers: it's not roses that he loves, it's their name.
Mobile Faker turns wireless phones into social tools, with tips to conquer any personal interaction.
Created by Porridge writer Ian La Frenais, it starred Ian McShane as the dealer and faker.
Every year is getting faker and faker," he told the magazine.
I was a bit of a faker, a circumstantial smoker, I just feel like I wasn't addicted to nicotine.