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It checks its analysis to a list of known fake and real news websites, and if a website shares the telltale signs of a fake, it's marked as such.
These fakes were found to emit 12 times the permitted level of nickel and could have caused severe allergic reactions.
Fake Gucci bags were going for PS100 - compared to PS600 for a real one - while branded JLS boyband clothing that usually costs PS40 was being knocked off for PS10 at one city centre shop.
The Royal Mint, which produces our currency, says the number of fake coins in circulation has gradually increased since 2002.
Besides fake parts, customers have also raised concerns about "dirty tricks" some unscrupulous insurance companies indulge in.
The Swansea mark is much larger than on the genuine article: a common characteristic of many fakes, as fakers want to make sure you don't miss it.
As these last examples hint, sometimes fakery can become weirdly desirable: oversized fake pearls with visible plastic seams, mock Louis vuittons sporting intentionally incorrect logos.
With the additional use of authentic crests and logos, you're the only one who will know that you have a fake certificate.
Picture, YVES LOGGHE/AP A fake Ferrari is displayed during an anti-counterfeit summit in Brussels as campaigners seek to raise awareness of the harm of fake luxury goods
We let the backfield fake encourage the defense to run away from the QB.