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Along with a flood of fakes from designer clothes to toys jewellery and watches, the dodgy goods pour billions into the coffers of conmen and drugs gangs Donna Bensley of Birmingham trading standards said: "What people don't realise is they're supporting organised crime by buying counterfeit products.
In total, 37 black-market production centers were uncovered, and over 20,000 fake handbags were seized.
Onkar Sanghera - who runs Londis at Woodhead Road in Holmbridge - says he has seen a marked increase the number of fake coins and notes inadvertently used by customers.
Most of the fakes are made in sweat shops in Africa and the Far East, funding organised crime.
Fight the Fakes is fast becoming a major platform, representing the large variety of perspectives from the global health community joining forces to speak up and spread the word about the threat of fake medicines to global health.
This gives them a chance to have something that looks right and keeps the bullies off their backs" Brett Scorer: "Nothing more annoying than someone walking around in fake Uggs, especially when it's been raining and they're all soggy - the person wearing them looks like they've got two broken ankles
This should stop and the courts should order the destruction of all such fakes, to stop unscrupulous traders from re-exporting their fakes to other markets, maybe in the GCC or further afield.
Shteiwi said the general public should help in the fight against fakes.
Some fakes are better than others and good ones can fool even experts.
A quarterback fakes the run when he executes a play-action pass.
Most of these fakes were detected at the level of the bank branches with the help of note sorting machines ( NSMs) installed at the branches and currency chests operated by banks.