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At operation and after insertion of a 10 mm umbilical camera port, the gallbladder was found to be attached to the inferior surface of segment 3 and to the left of a well-formed falciform ligament (Fig.
The fibres to the ischial ramus, which form a sickle shaped extension, are known as the falciform ligament (Romanes, 1964) (Figure 2).
Perforation can be identified on plain films as gas under the hemidiaphragms, gas tracking along the psoas margins, or the classic presentation of gas outlining the falciform ligament or both sides of the bowel wall (Rigler sign).
The livers procured had the attachment of falciform ligament, coronary ligament and triangular ligament on its surface.
Other possible abdominal sites for the tumor include the liver, [sup][16] spleen, [sup][17] kidney, [sup][18] ligamentum hepatoduodenale, [sup][6] gall bladder, [sup][19] the falciform ligament, [sup][20] and the omentum.