fall against

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Too wary to attempt getting into the truckle-bed (which would have been only inviting the catastrophe of a fall against his master's door), he always walked himself sober up and down the passage.
Presently she slipped from his knee and began to toddle about, but with a pretty stagger that made Silas jump up and follow her lest she should fall against anything that would hurt her.
Enormous avalanches fall against it every spring, sometimes covering everything to the depth of thirty or forty feet; and, in spite of walls four feet thick, and furnished with outside shutters, the two men who stay here when the VOYAGEURS are snugly quartered in their distant homes can tell you that the snow sometimes shakes the house to its foundations.
Cathy, beside herself, gave the chair a violent push, and caused him to fall against one arm.
Then one can see the oval face of a handsome young woman with deep dark eyes and long heavy clinging tresses, which seem to clasp in a beseeching way anything they fall against.
TYPHOO said the Pound's fall against the Dollar was an "absolute disaster" which may wipe out its annual profits and force up the cost of tea bags.
After Brexit, the manager said, the Indian rupee has witnessed massive fall against US dollar resulting in one Qatari riyal fetching as high as 18.
The rupee slipped with marginal fall against the dollar on the local money market on Thursday ahead of Independence Day holiday, Kamal Hayder, research analyst-PAGE said.
1 percent fall against an initially reported increase of 0.
Icarus-like, I'll fall Against this page of snow, tumble blackly
The Ireland star had surgery on the broken collarbone he sustained in a crashing fall against Manchester City on Sunday.
Tokyo, Rabi'I 1, 1433, Jan 24, 2012, SPA - Japanese shares edged up Tuesday after market sentiment was lifted by the yen's fall against the euro and receding fears about the eurozone debt crisis.