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If that can be done for him, what stops us from doing same for Achebe and other literary icons,' Chair, Local Organising Committee of the Things Fall Apart @ 60 celebrations in Nigeria, Dr.
The AML leader further said PML-N has started to fall apart.
aIn order for GERB to fall apart, I have to fall apart.
The texture is a nice consistency and the oatcake doesn't fall apart when spreading a topping.
Sassy" is the story of Cecilia Richards, the intolerable hussy in question, whose life starts to fall apart when she is left by her boyfriend, her girlfriends want nothing to do with her any longer, and her job begins to fall apart.
The danger is that the cards could all fall apart - you have to be concerned that after our recent results there will be a domino effect.
While working for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, he composed his first novel, Things Fall Apart (1959), at a time when Nigerian prose fiction was represented solely by the fantastic folklore romances of Amos Tutuola and the popular stories of urban life of Cyprian Ekwensi.
The fourth collection by Ellen Dorewatson (Director of the Poetry Center at Smith College), This Sharpening is an anthology of brief, free-verse poems devoted to marriage, divorce, the longings of love, the pain of seeing love fall apart, and the consolation of motherhood when a long marriage ends.
Scores of telescopes are watching a comet fall apart, and the main show may be only beginning.
I've been here long enough to know that over a comma in a sentence a deal can fall apart," he said.
It is the natural insurrection of average patriotic Americans who can't sit around anymore and watch the country we love fall apart.