fall away

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At nearly 500 pages in length, Things Fall Away does not make for easy reading.
As for higher ed professionals poised on the precipice of a system with band-aids about to fall away, this would probably be a good time to reassess core mission.
I added energy healing to my health regimen; I could feel old emotional and spiritual patterns that had been keeping me ill begin to fall away.
Catch a cold, on the other hand, and the protective armor seems to fall away quickly.
Astronomer Tony Beasley, project manager at Caltech's Owens Valley Radio Observatory, was standing outside his Bishop home when he saw two small dots and then a large one detach and fall away from Columbia.
Steubenville, OH--A recent conference for catechists at the University of Steubenville, Ohio, concluded that 50% of RCIA candidates fall away from the Church within one year of receiving the sacraments of initiation.
Her work, like theirs, addresses phenomena of growth and reduction, decoration and adjustment, but she makes the cool, pliable PEVA fold into or fall away from itself without disrupting its homogenized integrity.
Rather, Corbin argues, "the ir meaning seemed to fall away .
And isn't it equally obvious, he then adds, that the evils of racism, war, and class injustice will sooner or later fall away under the evolving power of nonviolent action?