fall back

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Analysts believe that Venezuela could fall back on its gold reserves to pay back debts.
In the millennium that has followed the explosion, denser matter has started to fall back into the center of the nebula, exhibiting the same finger-like structures as the team observed in the Sun.
That said, given that the pace of economic growth remains below potential and inflation is expected to fall back into the target range in the second half of the year, the argument for a more accommodative policy stance remains intact.
The Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, has explained why inflation will fall back towards the Government's two per cent target later than expected.
The Bank has forecast inflation to fall back to about 2.
At the moment, I feel if my forehand isn t working, I can fall back on something else; if that s not working I can fall back on my movement and just trying to get to the balls and somehow get them back," she said.
And without any coherent spiritual worldview to fall back on, France is finding itself morally adrift and in search of answers formerly underpinned by a Judeo-Christian spiritual soul.
The findings reveal that the pressure exerted by sunlight would have scattered most of the ejected material before it had a chance to fall back to the planet.
Supported by a careful gathering of statistics, Being Single in the Church Today does not fall back on a preachy tone or closed-minded attitudes, but honestly and realistically approaches how the church can best adapt to help single people nurture their faith.
For example, a coach who has to make use of the 2-1-2 full-court press ("3 Press") and then fall back into a 2-3 half-court zone (the # 2), would have a simple defensive call-"32.
The expectation is that the annual rate of appreciation will fall back into single digits.
time spring forward and fall back with the rest of the nation, as do a few other counties near Louisville, Ky.