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As we were walking towards the exit, he kicked my friend on his face and caused him to fall down over the stairs," the friend said.
And you just get tired of every game, having to say they're just going to drive the ball at him and fall down, or they're going to fall down when he makes a move, in hopes they get a foul.
Even halfway up, it will not inadvertently fall down and cause an impact injury.
The author argues that in the same way we inspect bridges so they won't fall down, we should address issues of toxic pollution before people get ill or die from it.
Operating completely outside the grid, We All Fall Down is the product of a previously unknown, or at least, unhyped quantity, Martin Cummins.
Fall Down, Laughing, by David Lander (best known for his role as Squiggy in the '70s hit TV show, "Laverne and Shirley") is about, as he puts it, "How Squiggy caught multiple sclerosis and didn't tell nobody.
But its lead is stunning: "Early one evening my son, then 2 years old, became very excited while standing in front of our television set, pointing to the screen saying, 'Man fall down, Mommy, man fall down.
It's lucky there was a bit of a ledge Lola could stay on because the fall down was much further.