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The victim was heading towards the exit when he was surprised by the accused kicking him on his neck, which caused him to fall down and lose consciousness.
As Blake Hancock, Mike Broderson and Jose Urrutia observed, they saw the man fall down and disappear from sight.
The cyclist then punched the man in the face, causing him to fall down the embankment, where he hit his head.
Engagingly whisking its readers through Beth Segar's every-day digressively tedious life in combat with coworkers and happiness, We All Fall Down depicts the amusing tale of her introduction of Theory of Constraints in the workplace and its immediate effectiveness.
When they said they did not, the guard allegedly said it was the last thing a black person sees before they fall down a well, and then that it was the KKK looking down a well.
Wu said: 'One person fell down on a grate in the park and caused many people to fall down.
Even halfway up, it will not inadvertently fall down and cause an impact injury.