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I could fall flat on my face - but will give it my best shot."
Occasionally amusing, the jokes often fall flat. If that's not mindless enough for you, try Jackass: Number Two (18).
True, some scenes sparkle while others fall flat, but the reader will still want to know what happens.
A couple of hours later I am going nonstop almost to the bottom of an amateur sand bowl--pretty fast, I think, but not fast enough, because when I try to make a turn I fall flat on my chest.
Unfortunately in this project, words fall flat on the page.
I fell off my swing and landed on top of him, causing him to fall flat on his lace.
Articulation is critical the pianist must observe and execute staccato notes and slurs with real style, or the piece will fall flat. "Tadpole Tag" demands strict attention to contrasting figures as part of the game of tag.
They have been helpful for individuals and study groups, but as texts for public reading they all fall flat. As the author describes it in the words of T.S.
Everyone has been going on about Simon Cowell's cutting remarks, but without Ant and Dec's banter, their funny faces and their ability to get along with all the contestants - and their mothers if need be - the programme could fall flat on its face.