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But Tenby mayor Trevor Hallett is hoping the crop won't fall foul of a second freezing patch.
The provision of corporate hospitality on a lavish scale with expensive corporate mementos/souvenirs could constitute a bribe and fall foul of the new Act.
But the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has ruled no amount of cuts would allow them to give the new film a certificate and said the movie may fall foul of the Obscene Publications Act.
A weekly update on players who fall foul of officialdom Suspensions apply from Monday, April 26, 2010 JEFFERS/ BINGHAM Annagh United 1 LIAM MULLAN Ardglass 1 FERNANDO DOS SANTOS Armagh City 1 ALAN DICKSON Ballynahinch United 1 PAUL McCOLGAN Churchill United 1 HUTTON/ MOORE Coleraine Crusaders Reserves 2 NIGEL TURNER Coleraine Reserves 1 LIAM HOY Cookstown Athletic 1 BEATTIE/ DICKSON Grove United 1 ANDREW WAIDE Islandmagee 1 JOHN HINTON Kilbride Swifts 1 LEE WORTLEY Laurelvale 1 DAVID ADAMS Mountjoy United 1 MICHAEL STEWART Moyola Park Olympic 1 PETER BLAIR Newbuildings United 1 MICHAEL MORGAN Newington YC 1 TAYLOR KIRK Nortel 1 PHILIP MILLAR PSNI 1 NEIL LESTER Richhill 1 MARTIN BUCHANAN Seapatrick 1 GREG WILSON The Dons 2
Summary: Two Chinese singers have become the first people in the country to fall foul of new rules banning lip-synching.
The fact that Wincanton did fall foul of the weather still did not justify such ill-considered comments.
Won't another store fall foul of competition regulations?