fall ill

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The trial judge criticised TUI UK after hearing the holiday firm was aware of the problems at the 251-room hotel in Ca'n Picafort but continued to send families there, only for those guests to fall ill.
We only really think about the NHS on what is thankfully, for most people, the relatively few times in our lives when we fall ill.
When my own children were in the primary grade, they used to fall ill often.
It contains a code unique to the person carrying it and their situation and acts as an immediate means of identification should the carrier fall ill or have an accident.
We are modernising the NHS to provide fast and convenient treatment and care when people fall ill, but we also recognise we have to do more to help prevent people falling ill in the first place.
l People visiting Mediterranean resorts were more likely to fall ill, with 40 per cent of those who went to Turkey affected.
The world's biggest-ever outbreak of E-coli food poisoning, which caused 500 people to fall ill, was linked to food supplied by Wishaw butcher John Barr.
That jump in the number of cases will occur as people now infected with the virus begin to fall ill, he adds.
In this tough economic climate, when employers are not increasing salaries and reducing sickness benefits, this could prove to be a very dangerous time to fall ill.
QI am going away on holiday shortly and want to know if I can take some Tamiflu with me in case I fall ill whilst I am away.