fall into decay

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Leicestershire County Records included the cottages, 42 and 44 Loughborough Road, in the list of buildings and sites it did not want to fall into decay.
And there's a housing shortage in parts of the country, while empty homes are left to fall into decay in areas of the North East.
So Tolson has been neglected and allowed to fall into decay to the tune of "millions of pounds to keep it going" - again, Kirklees' own statement.
Mr Grant makes mention of the 'faults and problems' around the area of East Birmingham - I am fully aware of how the suburbs have been allowed to fall into decay and will continue to do so through lack of investment which is being diverted or concentrated on the city centre.
fall into decay, I thought, maybe I should do that for my poems--
Without regional rugby the stadium will fall into decay and we would not be able to maintain it.
Without regional rugby W the stadium will fall into decay and we would not be able to maintain it.
It saw many homes in the area torn down or fall into decay after their residents were moved out.
or perhaps Mr Jones-Hughes would prefer these buildings to fall into decay and close as the owners become unable to shoulder this unnecessary additional financial burden he is trying to impose; he should try living in the current 'Hard times' of the real world of private enterprise before dictating ludicrous and financially unviable policies from his so obvious 'out of touch' ivory tower, otherwise known as Conwy Council's Conservation Department.
It is important that we carry out remedial work on the structure rather than allow it to fall into decay.
Now, Capital One has launched a lawsuit to wrench control of the nearly complete property from Schwartz and Rosenberg on allegations that the pair has looted the building's appliances and let it fall into decay from exposure to the elements.
The result has been that anything old has been bulldozed or allowed to fall into decay.