fall off

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Washington DC, [USA] Oct 22 ( ANI ): Hollywood star Paula Abdul had a great fall off the stage during her ongoing 'Straight up' musical tour.
Witnesses said that Israeli police stationed at the entrance of Bani Na'im town, east of Hebron, opened fire after a motorcyclist after he refused to stop for inspection, causing him to fall off his motorbike.
They get so long and then seem to fall off, but always regrow.
The constant stress of closing the breech, especially during live fire, loosens the screws and allows the cam to break or fall off. That's why it's important to make sure the screws are installed properly.
That way it's the lowest friction through the water and they normally stay attached, however it is only glued on in place and to be noninvasive we glue them so that they will fall off.
The animal had to be coaxed into the sea after a fall off a cliff edge in Pembrokeshire had left it stranded in a rocky bay.