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New Delhi [India], Sept 2 ( ANI ): The newly-introduced Goods and Services Tax (GST) is creating operational and procedural issues for companies, the most recent to fall prey to the new tax regime being cement major ACC Ltd.
They were concerned that Syria will fall prey to actors whose agenda has nothing to do with Syria if violence continued, " Ban's press office said in a statement.
BDI called on Albanians to keep their calm and not let fall prey to provocation and scenarios undermining Macedonia's EU integration and tainting the image of Albanians in all countries where they live.
The organisation is taking part in a European day of action, warning people at local airports across the country not to fall prey to tricksters.
Their victims, brought up in more honest times, aren't so cautious and easily fall prey to their tricks.
Did Barkin ever fall prey to one of Clooney's famous on-set practical jokes?
Churches and their partners around the world are being warned not to fall prey to emails seeking cash and/or credit card information in exchange for a sizeable donation or in order to claim a prize or an award.
According to Visa's research, 72% of women admit that they are more in control of their spending when shopping on line than in the shops as they are less likely to fall prey to frivolous retail temptation.
Smoothing volatility with safe and low-yielding investments such as bonds and money funds may likely fall prey to the effects of inflation, which has grown an average rate of 3.
The point becomes not to fall prey to a binary structuring (something tastes good or bad) or an occluding tautology (strawberries taste like strawberries) but to fully experience eating without losing that sensation's immediacy.