fall short

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At the June meeting, Toshikatsu Fukuma proposed reducing the target to a 27 trillion to 32 trillion yen range and removing the phrase that the BOJ could allow the current account balance to temporarily fall short of the target range, according to the minutes of the meeting.
The reason is that qualified Texas students who fall short of the 10 percent cut believe they won't be able to get into the state's top schools.
Hard disk-based systems alone fall short in authentication, data longevity, media flexibility and cost.
Full-year leasing appears likely to fall short of 10 million SF for the first time in recent memory.
Japan's local tax revenues are likely to fall short of their expected levels in fiscal 2001 for the fifth consecutive year of such shortfalls, government officials said Tuesday.
Lower sales point towards lower production during 2001, which should fall short of the record car tire production of 866 million units and commercial vehicle (light plus medium/heavy commercial vehicles) tire production of 289 million units in 2000.
The shield is supposed to stop nuclear missiles just after launch, but then the warhead would fall short.
Total wheat production is expected to fall short of 2 billion bushels for the first time in a decade.
He said more than 70% of major companies in Japan fall short of the legal employment ratio.
Corporate sponsorship revenue for JASA, which governs Japan's amateur sports, is forecast to fall short of the original target by 62 million yen, while a 19 million yen shortage is also seen in public donations.
But while newsletters are very effective in maintaining regular contact with existing clients, they tend to fall short when it comes to attracting new clients or building referrals.

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