fall short

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The Policy Board rejected both proposals and decided to maintain the target and allow it to fall short of the range when liquidity demand is extremely weak.
Companies that fall short of the requirement must pay fines to the government.
30, the annual revenues are likely to fall short of the estimated amount, they said, blaming the prolonged economic slump, which reduced revenues from residential taxes and other local taxes.
Even with "normal" yields, production from 60 million planted acres will fall short of demand.
Although direct mail can be quite effective, the results can fall short of their potential if the program is not implemented properly.
The ServiceMaster Company (NYSE:SVM) today announced that, based on preliminary results, its third quarter and full year performance will fall short of management estimates.
THIS summer looks set to have been the wettest since UK rainfall records began in 1914, Met Office figures revealed - but Wales may thankfully fall short of its own record.
The biggest phytonutrient gap was found in the blue/purple fruit and vegetable category, where 88% of Americans fall short.
If it falls short again, it will fall short of the nation's highest World Cup expectations since the Beatles were touring.
Bacharach's efforts as a lyricist fall short of his seasoned musical savvy.