fall sick

See: languish
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When the Cobbler happened to fall sick himself of a serious illness, the Governor of the town determined to test his skill.
When the bucks fall sick one Christmas Eve, it's time for Rosie and the other does to give it their all
The central question in the minds of some of the fans is - can dragons fall sick at all?
The 68-year-old, who performed at Glastonbury this year, said: "I hope to continue to go, unless my health should fail me or my husband should fall sick.
It is a fact that people, who are in happy marriages, don`t fall sick often and enjoy more good health.
Construction workers are also most likely to fall sick, as small fibers of asbestos build up in lungs, stiffening them and causing asbestosis.
Don't people fall sick during weekends and need medical attention?
The cousin who does not stay with the family in their apartment in Muteena did not fall sick.
Drinkers began to fall sick after drinking the cheap booze, bought from shops around the village of Sangrampur.
Health authorities suspect salmonella infection but have yet to determine what made them fall sick, they said.
These workers literally cannot afford to fall sick .
I use the facility not only to transport my handicapped son but also other family members whenever they fall sick," said Al-Khosafi, who looks after an eight-member family.