fall to pieces

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We were comfortable, so to fall to pieces and concede two goals was embarrassing and not like this group of players.
The plant has reduced its production as the empty bottles, which stay outside in the cold, fall to pieces when they are moved inside, Carlsberg spokesman Jens Bekke told Helsingor Dagblad.
"The difficult part was designing all the pieces so it could be put together, would work and not fall to pieces because it's so delicate."
It's still not any easier every day is the same, I simply fall to pieces at the mention of your name.
Her teacher revealed: "I'm a little concerned she's going to fall to pieces." At least you can always rely on her face staying in place.
2 : to fall to pieces : fall into ruin <Any moment these walls may crumble upon us .
Those who accused James Doyle of giving her too much to do probably haven't seen the filly fall to pieces in the final furlong before, although it no doubt gives those who backed her down to 1.05 the consolation of having someone to blame but themselves.
The material makes concrete crumble and fall to pieces - and is especially dangerous mixed with water.
I have a horrible feeling we'll be waiting for Torres' first goal in October and he could fall to pieces.
It's So Easy, Fall To Pieces and Slither provoked the biggest responses but going by the forest of phones that sprang up when Slash appeared with his double-guitar for Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, it was more about the spectacle than the music.
Nevertheless, witnesses said they saw the aircraft fall to pieces in the sky as Mr Lapsley and pilot Phil Ward checked gas pipelines, and they were killed when the rotors sliced through the cabin.
No matter how foxy he finds you, an initial attraction can fall to pieces fairly quickly if there's no real rapport.