fall upon

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Marouni said that all facts imply that the domestic and regional situation demands forming a salvation cabinet of all Lebanese parties to confront any unfortunate incident that might fall upon Lebanon and the regional scene.
Even as the banking secretary was silent about the contents of the proposed bill, which is likely to be tabled in Parliament in the winter session, sources said the mandate to regulate MFIs could fall upon Nabard.
& we three fall upon the struts & joists, we beat back &
Pray for this welcome rain to fall upon your life, your neighbourhood and your nation.
With Loucks and Hassan missing, much will fall upon the shoulders of Holyhead's talented Tara Davies, the current order of merit leader and second-placed Rhian Wyn Thomas, who hails from the Vale of Glamorgan.
At a time of economic stress, when the Government has had to borrow very large sums of money to keep the economy going, the repayment of which will fall upon the taxpayer, how happy would taxpayers be if they knew about this additional burden?
Despite claims that the wealthy will lift Britain out of this recession, this burden will once more fall upon the shoulders of Britain's lowest earners who have yet to be compensated for last year's smash and grab.