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All the human rights defenders mentioned above are members of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU), FIDH member organisation in Uzbekistan, and have been sentenced under fallacious charges of "extortion", "obstructing the constitutional order" or "religious extremism", a charge particularly common in Uzbekistan where the state fiercely controls the religion.
Closely related to thinking biases, fallacious logic clouds our ability to adequately come to proper risk assessments.
However, the fallacious notion that someone based in premises in Manchester might be able to represent adequately the North of England, let alone the North East, has been strengthened further.
They discussed ways of responding to the foreign media's misleading and fallacious information on Bahrain.
While I, like many others, believe that much arts money is wasted on minority, elitist or liberal left agitprop, etc, the "there''s no money" argument is completely and utterly fallacious.
The network, which condemned the polisario's fallacious campaign against the Sahrawi youths held against their will in Tindouf, declared support for the peaceful demonstrations called for by the youths.
12 -- In the light of an Indian media apparently with ulterior motives, bringing fallacious and misleading allegation that Sri Lankan Navy was providing tactical support to the Somali pirates and were behind the killing of Tamil Nadu fishermen, Sri Lanka Navy safely repatriated an Indian salvage team comprising thirteen fishermen and three fishing trawlers towards the Indo-Sri Lanka Maritime Boundary on Wednesday (February 09, 2011).
In a series of discussions on the program, which started on the first Friday of Ramadan, Al-Humaidi aims to lay bare the fallacious foundations of extremist ideologies attributed to Islam.
The argument that Israel killed Lebanese former premier Rafik al-Hariri because it wants to sow sedition is fallacious.
According to DR leader Imer Selmani, there are only Macedonians in the Census commissions and therefore the results are fallacious.
The language of this law gives another fallacious argument for individuals with lower levels of training to provide psychiatric care.
It would be fallacious to assume that China has close ties with any particular party," he said.