fallacious argument

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Common practices in times of war are propaganda, telling lies and presenting fallacious arguments to shape public opinion and block criticism.
provides a compelling and parsimonious theoretical framework for analyzing fallacious arguments within the context of a rational critical conflict resolution process.
In all three of the issues I discuss here, and on several other issues, Smith uses obviously fallacious arguments in a context that implies that she is presenting Rand's own arguments.
It baffles me, therefore, how a person in authority can remove the punters' choice at the racecourses he controls supported by such a fallacious argument, and one that provides yet another example of the failure of such people to understand the mind of the true racing man.
And if there is any justice, they should also prove every bit as devastating to the fallacious argument advanced by the Ministry of Justice in support of its bid to close courts across Northumberland.
The language of this law gives another fallacious argument for individuals with lower levels of training to provide psychiatric care.
He begins with the early tradition, looking at contrasting views of sophistic argument, making the weak argument the stronger, Plato, and Aristotle's charge of fallacious argument.
Another big fallacious argument is that "governments around the globe will resort to protectionism," a statement that is true but needs to be put in context.
give your and Letters and are editor's Like Llandudno, the equally fallacious argument is being used that cycling presents an unacceptable threat to the safety of non-users, and cyclists should be expected to dismount on the slightest pretext.
Throwing in the race card here was a fallacious argument and a red herring to avoid addressing the real issue of his incompetent leadership, which is the opposite of "diverse and tolerant of everyone regardless of origins".
A related variant of this invidiously fallacious argument was used by the eminent statistician RA Fisher against the then dead and defenceless Mendel.
But this is nothing short of a fallacious argument.