fallacious reasoning

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"Someone who lacks ethical reasoning skills can easily fall prey to fallacious reasoning or faulty judgment about the ethical decision or choice that he has to make.
While he may have been well meaning, his prescription betrayed the oft-repeated and entirely fallacious reasoning that causes the problem to become more deeply entrenched and renders the public space yet more insecure for women.
This fallacious reasoning (appeal to fear) seems to be instrumental in changing public opinion and prepared them for a very long war.
If comforting falsehoods and fallacious reasoning happen to be conducive to our survival, then they will be selected for.
Ideological convictions drive these policies rather than a common-sense approach, and therefore the policies are prone to weaknesses and fallacious reasoning. Most are designed to generate talking points for Islamists and to mobilize passionate, core supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) at election rallies.
(40) Scrutability theses are implausible for the average person since many people cannot remember the facts they have been presented with, and worse, they indulge in fallacious reasoning. Thus Chalmers' scrutability theses involve idealizations for the subject.
Amicus further argues that the fallacious reasoning in Varjabedian can be seen here where under the basic policy the insured only opted for $10,000 liability coverage, but, by committing fraud, the insurer must pay claims up to $15,000.
In the second they feature theoretical and empirical investigations into "dual-process" accounts of mental processing, where one "system" handles quick and often fallacious reasoning and another more analytical system that is strongly influenced by developmental events and factors.
I do not mean to argue that there are no English expressions against bad or fallacious reasoning. But the phrases are rather caveats regarding uncritical reasoning or unsupported claims.
Half-truths, fallacious reasoning, and hasty speculations not only perpetuate preconceived notions about Iran's nuclear ambitions, but also divert attention from the more urgent problem of nuclear weapons possession.
This observation can lead to empirical study through focus groups or other such techniques that could falsify or leave standing the hypothesis that some anthropomorphizations of the state can lead to fallacious reasoning.
His essay provides a useful exercise in recognizing fallacious reasoning in the persuasive speeches of politicians.