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Since he is committed to rejecting formalist accounts as legitimate explanations of formal fallacies, his theory cannot explain adequately what is wrong with this type of fallaciousness, either.
asp (blasting the reference "both for its fallaciousness, and the implicit trivializing of the Soviet Gulag system in which tens of millions were imprisoned and uncountable numbers died"); Cathy Young, A Long Way from the Gulag, BOSTON GLOBE, June 6, 2005, at A13 (calling the Amnesty International comment a "broadside" that goes "so far in the other direction").
The title aptly expresses a tension in Rauch's work between a bold iconoclasm that exposes the fallaciousness of figurative painting itself and a broody melancholia that confronts the broken promise of art to represent or transform life, a promise that demands restitution.
It is true that federal court decisions in the mid-twentieth century also helped to eliminate the last vestiges of antimiscegenation laws, but, as Kennedy explains, there was little resistance to the decisions--a result that would be difficult to imagine had no state ever legalized interracial marriage and demonstrated the fallaciousness of the nineteenth century beliefs about its consequences.
Carino is persuasive in arguing the fallaciousness of nonhierarchical tutoring and in pointing out the assumptions inherent in seeing "direct instruction as a form of plunder rather than help" (98).
but also from many other film critics and scholars who felt Altman's aims were misdirected As Richard Jameson would point out in Film Comment, "[I]f you're going to demonstrate the outdatedness and the fallaciousness of an artist's vision, you can't expect to be applauded-or to prove anything, for that matter--if you bash what you're criticizing out of shape and then point at it and say, 'Wow, that's some silly shape
This is the case despite my having explained its fallaciousness with some frequency (for example, in Sims, 1987).
THE FALLACIOUSNESS OF NON-violence as a philosophy (rather than a tactic to be used when circumstances allow) is proven by its utter failure to save European Jewry from the Nazi Holocaust.
The mainstream assertion that nonstate conflicts tend to be subjective of course implies that conflicts between states--over historical borders and territory, for example--are not subjective, although a serious examination of many "state" conflicts reveals the fallaciousness of such an assertion.
If greater proof of the theory's fallaciousness were needed, this fine book offers it in vivid detail, telling
This list could be greatly expanded and also reach back further in time to include the work of Popper and Wittgenstein, who were among the first to expose the Freudian method's fallaciousness.
Catalyst president Sheila Wellington, when reviewing this study, stated that its findings clearly indicate the fallaciousness of people who say, "The glass ceiling has been cracked by a Niagara of women flowing to the top of corporate America.