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Catalyst president Sheila Wellington, when reviewing this study, stated that its findings clearly indicate the fallaciousness of people who say, "The glass ceiling has been cracked by a Niagara of women flowing to the top of corporate America.
Then alluding to the fallaciousness of experience, he asserts: "Faith cannot deceive" (fides nescia falli).
It can fairly be said, however, that none of this literature approaches the large questions I discuss here, with the exception of Kohler's work, which, however, remains bound up in nationalist assumptions of the kind whose fallaciousness I try here to demonstrate.
IT IS ONLY IN THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE Homeless that Jencks, having shown the fallaciousness of most of the arguments put forth by homeless advocates, joins his liberal colleagues in calling for more tax dollars to end homelessness.
Now my argument is not that Albeck's work is satisfactory in all or even most of its details nor that there has not been methodological advance in the last half century, but merely that Neusner's attribution of theological motivations and fundamentalism to all of Jewish scholarship - "until I Deborah arose" - is absolutely stunning in its fallaciousness.
The fallaciousness of this campaign has since been made clear, but for those with lingering doubts about the legacy of the contras, this book by Miami Herald reporter Sam Dillon should help put them to rest.
Considering the probability and degree of harm associated with self-testing--and the relative ease of placing an adequate warning on the product--it is evident that manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers about the potential fallaciousness of tests.
Its fallaciousness may be brought out by the parallel argument that since every road leads somewhere, there is somewhere (e.