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One of these, Bentham says, in a jarring juxtaposition, "may be termed Anarchy-preacher's fallacy -- or The Rights of Man fallacy.
Our paper is unique to the existing evidence in this area in that we are the first, to our knowledge, to study sellers' responses to consumers' probabilistic belief biases, specifically the Gambler's Fallacy and Hot-Hand Fallacy.
Perhaps it's time to coin the term reductionistic fallacy.
As we have seen, the authors define a fallacy as an argument whose rhetorical effect outweighs its probative worth.
Imagine the thrill I experience knowing that my book embodies not merely a literary fallacy, but a Fallacy Deserving Capitalization, placing it in the august company of the Affective, Intentional, and Objective Fallacies.
It is a common practice to assume the presence of ecological fallacy (Robinson 1950) and low-level validity when analyzing an ecological study.
Gerald Massey argues in his article "The fallacy behind fallacies" that there is no theory whatsoever behind the standard treatment of fallacies.
6 Fallacy 1: Showing a particle crosses the critical radius after evaporation of a black hole
1996; Ruhl, 1999; Walton, 1992) have been concerned with the issue of what a fallacy is and what types of fallacies exist.
What is the difference between a post hoc fallacy and a complex cause fallacy?
It is something of a fallacy that's grown up (around me).
Mistakes of Reason: Practical Reasoning and the Fallacy of Accident, ALLAN BACK