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CUADRO 1 Semillas mas abundantes encontradas en los nidos de Pheidole fallax en las epocas y areas rehabilitadas de la mina de carbon el Cerrejon TABLE 1 More abundant seeds found in the nests of Pheidole fallax in different seasons, in rehabilitated areas of the Cerrejon coal mine Epoca seca Epoca de lluvias 20 anos 9 anos Semillas N C B Total N C B Desmanthus sp.
The little pocket mouse (Perognathus longimembris) could not be distinguished from the San Diego pocket mouse (Chaetodipus fallax) in the photographs so they were combined and are referred to as "pocket mice".
CFA = Coereba flaveola, CPA = Columbina passerina, SCR = Setophaga caerulescens, SDI = Setophaga discolor, SPA = Setophaga palmarum, STI = Setophaga tigrina, EFA = Elaenia fallax, LVI = Loxigilla violacea, MPA = Microligea palustris, MVA = Mniotilta varia, MST = Myiarchus stolidus, PPA = Phaenicophilus palmarum, SAU = Seiurus aurocapilla, SDO = Spindalis dominicensis, TPL = Turdus plumbeus, and TSU = Todus subulatus.
fallax. On 9 March 2012, 11.30 pm (AEST), Ta 21.6[degrees]C, 8/8 cc, with occasional drizzle, five larval L.
(10.) Aprahamian MW, Aprahamian CD, Bagliniere JL, Sabatie R and Alexandrino P: Alosa alosa and Alosa fallax spp.
These results are also in accordance with the results concluded by Turan and Basusta (2001) while studying the level of variation among the twaite shad (Alosa fallax nilotica) in the waters of territory of Turkey with the truss morphometric system using Discriminant Function (DFA) and Principal Component Analyses (PCA).
This time it was a magnificent Jouanin's Petrel Bulweria fallax, with its characteristic arcing flight--the second record of this species for the UAE.
fasciatus (larvae) Cybistrini Megadytes (Trifurcitus) fallax (Aube) (larvae) M.
Ultrastructural study of the spermatozoon of Pronoprymna ventricosa (Digenea, Baccigerinae), parasite of the twaite shad Alosa fallax Lacepede (Pisces, Teleostei).
First records of Gomphomacromia fallax (odonata, Corduliidae) from Colombia
Abstract.- The multiple heavy metal resistant ciliates, Oxytricha fallax and Paramecium caudatum, isolated from industrial wastewater have been shown to be potential bioremediator of contaminated wastewater.