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Seven y ears of his life at one foot-ball club is an awfully long t ime, as we know he was one of t he longest-serving managers in the country, who has unfortunately fallen foul to losing his job.
Due to the fact that MyVillaRenters uses a debit/credit card system for payments none of its owners have fallen foul of this fraud.
The driver has fallen foul of wardens after leaving his battered Fiat Scudo in five streets in Coventry city centre.
EX-PUBLIC health minister Caroline Flint has fallen foul of the smoking law she championed.
The game has fallen foul of the weather on two occasions and if Tameside cannot find a suitable pitch then the game may be switched to F Liverpool Soccer Centre as this is the last time it can be played before January.
The study, carried by the Information Commissioner's Office, also found a fifth of people believed they had fallen foul of ID thieves.
More illustrious names than Adam, whose family was unavailable for comment, have fallen foul of the game's complex rules.