fallen into desuetude

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First, he aims at partially mending the standing of the Pahlavi translation, which for a long time, especially in the nineteenth century, was regarded as an important tool for our understanding of Avestan texts, but has ever since, barring a few exceptions, fallen into desuetude.
Against this view, however, the Lawrence majority also noted that laws penalizing same-sex intercourse had fallen into desuetude, being virtually unenforced by public prosecution.
In the meantime, over the centuries having fallen into desuetude, in 1894, a French aristocrat, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, revived the idea of the Games and, in 1896, the First Olympics of the modern era returned to their roots and were held in Athens.
In one work Valadier offers a eulogy for conscience, and in another he asks whether sensus fidelium has fallen into desuetude.