fallen into disuse

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As the ceremony of a formal denunciation of war has of late fallen into disuse, the presence of an enemy within our territories must be waited for, as the legal warrant to the government to begin its levies of men for the protection of the State.
That rite has since fallen into disuse, for the tribe itself is almost extinct.
It was nearly all American news; the old-fashioned cables had fallen into disuse for some years, and the Marconi stations across the ocean and along the Atlantic coastline seemed to have furnished particularly tempting points of attack.
Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), which oversees the region's bus stops, says that there are some stops just 130 yards apart, while others have fallen into disuse as businesses have closed or shopping habits have changed.
Staff from Marks and Spencer joined those from Ageing Better Middlesbrough and Groundwork North East and Cumbria to clean up the Middlesbrough area which had fallen into disuse due to lack of activities.
Sadly, by the 1980s the building had fallen into disuse and was at real risk of suffering irreversible damage.
Previously being maintained by the Rose Society of India, it had fallen into disuse.
This used to be standard practice at one time but has fallen into disuse.
Having fallen into disuse, it was used as the local studies library in post war years (the main library in Broadgate having been badly damaged by bombing).
Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala's once-famous river transport routes have long fallen into disuse, but the state will witness a revival of transportation through an entirely new water route when sea plane services become a reality.
A statement, submitted with the application, says: "Facilities have evolved in a haphazard fashion over the years whilst other areas have fallen into disuse and disrepair.
This approach was very fashionable among some biographers in the 1990s but has recently and thankfully fallen into disuse.