fallen into ruin

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The outer wall was fifty feet in height where it had not fallen into ruin, but nowhere as far as they could see had more than ten or twenty feet of the upper courses fallen away.
Mrs Scott said: "The waiting room has fallen into ruin.
Station Commander Brigadier Taufeeq Tahir said the cathedral was constructed in 1848, but had fallen into ruin and disrepair.
But some are so neglected that they have fallen into ruin, including 60 that may never be restored because they have decayed too much or become dangerous.
AN 800-YEAR-OLD South Wales chapel which had fallen into ruin is being re-opened as a church visitor centre - thanks to an PS850,000 makeover.
These wretched remnants of what was once a thriving cottage industry set on a country estate, now fallen into ruin, have no idea how to improve their lot, so they drink, whore, and grumble, invariably getting in each other's way in their sodden inanition, until word of a fabled leader's return from the dead inspires in some apprehension, in others hope.
We visited the Victorian Walled garden, a restored kitchen garden that had fallen into ruin but has been lovingly restored by volunteers.
Freed 200 years later, Barnabus returns to his family home only to find that it has fallen into ruin and his dysfunctional descendants have fared little better, each harbouring their own dark secrets.
Since then, it has quickly fallen into ruin and probably presents a far more romantic site than it ever did in its brief heyday.
But the impressive gothic castle has fallen into ruin in recent years, leading to many local rumours that it is haunted by banshees and ghouls.
Astley Castle, in Warwickshire, which has fallen into ruin since a fire partially destroyed it 20 years ago, is to receive a Heritage Lottery grant of more than pounds 150,000 towards its restoration.