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Half romance, half meditation on global affairs, it portrays how the past can affect the present and how memory can be fallible.
But Matthew McConaughey is charmingly belligerent and warmly fallible in a role that should win him this year's best actor Oscar.
Politicians are fallible human beings, and when they fall, churches need to help their members see their political leaders as brothers and sisters in need of prayer and compassion.
The new folding box brings a tamper evidence solution far less fallible than those using certain glue or labels.
O'Gara, why not admit that an infallible pope has been fallible in a medical area in which he had no special knowledge?
Comment: This study supports what many researchers have believed for a long time--parents often don't really know what their kids are doing and that recall is fallible.
Yunior, an awkward adolescence in Diaz's previous collection Drown (although this book stands alone), has graduated here into full and fallible manhood.
It's a very fallible document, there are people who perhaps should be on it who aren't," The Age quoted Irvine, as saying.
Sadly, I have to accept that we are just as fallible as any other race and that is an uncomfortable thought.
In this well-paced and thoughtful novel, Valentine investigates the simultaneous joy and pain of learning the truth about the people we love, the people who are first and foremost mortal, fallible, and sometimes selfish.
Previously, most police dramas had shied away from showing coppers as fallible human beings.
In telling the story, the book reminds us that while astronomy endeavors to create a complete description of the universe by building theory upon observational record, scientists--even great scientists--are fallible.