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Caption: "Politicians are fallible, and when they fall, churches need to help their members see their political leaders as brothers and sisters in need of prayer and compassion.
If they do that, however, they will prove God fallible and thereby eliminate all existence.
All of the competitive workgroup solutions today that are based on LAN communication (comm) re-director technology, are inherently fallible for faxing.
Attack-minded - their defence is too fallible for them to be anything else - they will leave enough gaps for Phil Thompson's men to exploit.
Brown's lost his aura of invincibility, the master strategist exposed as fallible.
There are strong performances from Annie Savage as the fallible Mother Superior whose robes conceals a heart filled with secrets.
Davidtz and Nivola pack plenty of heat as the cosmopolitan Crawfords, and playwright Harold Pinter is excellent as the fallible patriarch of Mansfield Park.
It was the first film to humanise the action hero by making him more fallible and vulnerable than what had gone before.
Elephant Tracks is a reliable extension of a user's own fallible memory, enabling them to re-find visited web pages quickly without the need to bookmark every place they have been.
More recently, the fundamentally flawed and fallible green lobby has hysterically hyped fossil fuel-generated global warming leading to global harming.
Human beings are fallible, and so any human being who holds high moral standards will fall short of them from time to time.
Words mean a lot, and when someone in authority stands up and says, `I am fallible,' it strikes a moral chord,'' he said.