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There certainly is a way to take it seriously but, I think, only by recognizing how fallibly "human" it is.
Yet Tabucchi moves in a similar direction: by keeping enough cards in hand to prevent any particular term congealing into objectivity, he suspends the received opposition between a continuous objective reality and fallibly subjective interpretations of it, echoing the effect of the multiple re-metaphorizations and re-combinations of others' language in both The Infinite Conversation and The Space of Literature.
The document roundly denounced a list of no-noes peculiar (or so Leo was fallibly informed) to the form of the faith that, tested on and adapted to the American frontier, had sprung up in the American Eden.
9) It is not that courage requires infallibility or that making a mistake means that one showed no courage; the good judgment required is the capacity, even if it is shown fallibly.
Here, after some initial clarifications, most of the chapter is spent looking for ways to discern and quantify importance, including, practically but fallibly, citation counting.
They know enough to know that glib talk of their elected leaders as a "junta" or an "axis of evil"--or leftover slogans from the 1960s like "war is not the answer"--is incommensurate with the gravity of the problems which the administration, however fallibly, has been trying to address.