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Falling down is all right, getting up is difficult when you're playing Ring-a-Ring o' Roses
Voice prompting when falling down and automatic warning through SMS
A four-year-old girl has been rescued by firemen after falling down a deep hole on a construction site in the city of Yulin in northwest China.
BEIRUT: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
Sharjah A teenager died after falling down from the 21st floor balcony of a building in Sharjah, police said yesterday.
The doctors told his home mates that he was suffering with high blood pressure so he fell down, Earlier, some days back during the inaugural ceremony of new cafeteria in Parliament House he also felt some dizziness but at that time his staff saved him from falling down.
A MAN suffered spinal and head injuries after falling down cliffs on the North East coast.
FAMILY pets, a pigeon falling down a chimney and a sick magpie were among the things blamed by people who failed to pay for their television licences.
COLD Feet star Fay Ripley was rushed to hospital after falling down the stairs of a double-decker bus.
As toddlers, we learn to walk by testing our assumptions as to how the process works, by making planned mistakes, by falling down without really getting hurt, and eventually using these mistakes to learn the process that keeps us upright and balanced, as we step forward.
I tried to get some advantages by falling down and saying 'but he touched me'," Blatter admitted.
RSII spins records and Jai captures the madness as it unfolds: hotties flashing boobs, people falling down, folks having a good time at the bar.