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Such is the premise of Rebekah Crane's delectable new-adult romance, The Upside of Falling Down.
C [USA], October 28 ( ANI ): Music mogul Simon Cowell was rushed to hospital after falling down the stairs at his London home.
SUNK AND DISORDERLY Sign in a sorry state after falling down.
They look at the cracks, they pull up floorboards and agree that, yes, the roof is falling down (well not falling exactly but the steel is the wrong size and the steels don't meet and the roof steels are resting on wood blocks).
Mrs Sewell told the court of concerns she had about her husband falling down the stairs in their home because he frequently got up during the night to use the bathroom.
A man died after falling down an elevator shaft in Sofia Saturday night, according to the Sofia Interior Ministry Directorate.
IWAS playing Ring-a-Ring o' Roses with my grand-daughter, even though getting up again is the hardest part of falling down.
A TEENAGER was airlifted to hospital after falling down a bank and colliding with a tree in Shropshire.
Sophie Collinson, 16, student, said: "When I was six or seven I remember falling down the gap between the platform and the train.
A 56-year-old British man and his dog were rescued yesterday after falling down a 30-metre ravine in Tremithousa in the Paphos district.
Summary: A four-year-old girl is rescued after falling down a deep hole in China.
A British man and his 12-year-old son who got lost hiking in the Alps have been found dead, apparently after falling down a crevasse.