falling due

See: maturity
References in classic literature ?
More than once our hearts were made to bleed, as it were, because bills were falling due that we did not have the money to meet.
More than a dozen times, when bills figuring up into the hundreds of dollars were falling due, I applied to the white men of Tuskegee for small loans, often borrowing small amounts from as many as a half-dozen persons, to meet our obligations.
It's like jumping from one bog to another, all through a swamp; borrow of one to pay another, and then borrow of another to pay one,--and these confounded notes falling due before a man has time to smoke a cigar and turn round,--dunning letters and dunning messages,--all scamper and hurry-scurry."
And the taxes are falling due. It's all very well for you to say they must go away.
"That it is unfortunate, especially if you have any engagements falling due in the course of the next several months.
And this snort being regular in its reproduction, at length comes to be expected by the company, who make embarrassing pauses when it is falling due, and by waiting for it, render it more emphatic when it comes.
Summary: The rupee has been consistently falling due to widening trade deficit and an agreement reached with the IMF.
Provider of information technology services Digitalist Group Oyj (HEL:DIGIGR) announced on Monday that it has agreed with Tremoko Oy Ab on the conversion of the interests of the convertible bond subscribed by Tremoko Oy Ab, falling due on 30 June 2019 and amounting to approximately EUR258,000, into a separate loan.
Prices are falling due to lower surcharges and what we be to be a temporary surplus of inventory in the supply chain.
The study included 670 seniors age 70 and older, all of whom were at high risk of falling due to impaired mobility and/or a fall in the previous year.
Khalmurzayev said that the cost of coal in the Batken region is 6,000 soms per ton, the price is not falling due to the fact that underground mining is under way.
Kotagala had LKR27million of unrestricted cash and no unutilised credit facilities as at end-March 2018 (FY18) to meet LKR671 million of short-term debt falling due in the next 12 months.