falling off

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 9 ( ANI ): A man died on Thursday after falling off Mumbai's Mantralaya building.
However half an hour later an ambulance was called to a house on Hartington Road, in Toxteth, to attend to a 17-year-old who had suffered head injuries, apparently sustained as a result of falling off a motorbike.
A Holyhead Coastguard spokesman said: "We received reports of a man falling off Llandudno pier.
Three officers were hurt falling off horses, two more suffered injuries while riding, one suffered cuts and bruises and another was kicked by a horse.
A MAN has drowned after falling off a boat into a marina close to the site of a major bank holiday festival.
Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry is in hospital in fighting "life threatening injuries" after falling off a pickup truck following a domestic dispute with his fiancée.
He accelerated to 20-30mph before falling off, remounted, swerved across the road and promptly fell off again.
A BUNGLING robber fled empty-handed after falling off a bike he had just stolen from a man in Leamington.
SPARE a thought for poor old Calamity Cullen, who showed that not only is the wheel falling off the Government, but the door of the helicopter as well.
But falling off is just part of the sport, so my luck would soon run out again.