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BEIRUT: General Security warned expatriates in Lebanon Monday of falling prey to fraudulent schemes.
Balakrishnan expressed concern over Indian students falling prey to fake Universities.
The embassy said it recorded at least eight cases of Japanese nationals falling prey to a criminal gang in 2000, and at least 15 cases last year.
after falling prey to ``The Simpsons'' and ``Malcolm in the Middle'' on Sunday nights) with a typically quirky episode.
THE success of a Coventry pilot scheme designed to stop pensioners falling prey to cowboy builders, was being discussed in the Houses of Parliament today.
ULSTER teenagers are falling prey to paedophiles and drugs because of a crisis in child support services, it has been claimed.
But don't count on Strand falling prey to a mainstream merger any day soon.
Progressives have no business falling prey to the dominant society's common view that the problem of racism is minorities feeling dissatisfied, rather than a lethal poison in the spirit and the body of our entire culture,", she concludes.
It is this sense of orchestration in her work that allows inanimate objects to take on personalities without falling prey to a purely whimsical anthropomorphism - dishes, if you like, are prevented from running away with spoons.