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Police also issued a warning to foreign nationals to stay away from strangers they meet in malls, bars and in Manila's streets to avoid falling prey to the gang.
Balakrishnan expressed concern over Indian students falling prey to fake Universities.
Becoming informed and prepared for realistic Y2K problems also could help consumers avoid falling prey to scams, officials said.
The challenge for Maybury was to dramatize this period in Bacon's life without falling prey to the "and then he wrote" cliches common in most biographical movies: "I needed to find a way to bring my visual style to bear on a conventional narrative.
pure fashion central helps women find their true fashion self without spending more than their budget allows or falling prey to a false marketing machine.
Analysts say those stocks, which drove the Nasdaq to a string of records earlier this month, are now falling prey to profit taking as investors try to lock in their gains.
In this age of technology, there is a serious threat of falling prey to identity theft, even if the proper precautions are taken.
The 18-pound cat lives on Turmeric Court, near Haskell Canyon Road, a neighborhood from which numerous cats have disappeared, possibly falling prey to coyotes.

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