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The fact that about 84 and 78% of grain yield in fallow land was produced in degraded soil incorporated with tithonia biomass as against total failure in degraded soil show the importance of tithonia as organic fertilizer.
Newborn fallow deer, though, hide silently in undergrowth.
The place now has 220 tenants and Kimball, only a few months into the job as head of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, sees the site's fallow sections as the central key to growing its tenancy.
Five to six dryland no-till cropping systems, depending on the site, which differ in crop production frequency and amount of time in summer fallow, were placed across the soil catenas at each site.
The ungulates in question were set free in the area by a local landowner for hunting purposes in the 1940s and 1950s (see sidebar, "Closeup: Axis and Fallow Deer").
Moench], in a 3-yr system of wheat-summer crop-fallow, increased the efficient use of precipitation by reducing the frequency of summer fallow, which uses more water for crop transpiration (Farahani et al.
The mature brushland edge plot had the highest species richness (43) followed by the replanted edge plot (37), mature brushland interior (35), replanted interior plot (33) and fallow field interior (12) and edge (11) plots.
It's been a long winter for the female fallow deer.
At the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary, the varied greens and yellows of tropical evergreen forest, mixed deciduous forest, bamboo forest, savanna grasslands and fallow fields blend into a striking mosaic.
The Pwo traditionally practice short-cultivation, long-fallow farming, growing upland rice as a staple and other crops using a rotational fallow system in mixed deciduous forest.