false appearance

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"Yes, they draw away all the sap and give a false appearance of prosperity," he muttered, stopping to write, and, feeling that she was looking at him and smiling, he looked round.
It was an immeasurable and composite funk, which from its very excess gave him in the dark a false appearance of calm and thoughtful deliberation.
At Mendoza, on the eastern foot of the Andes, the climate is said to be subject to long calms, and to frequent though false appearances of gathering rain-storms: we may imagine that the wind, which coming from the eastward is thus banked up by the line of mountains, would become stagnant and irregular in its movements.
She could only accept the false appearances that surrounded her in the disguise of truth.
She noted that the Armenian government, instead of hopeless attempts to create a false appearance of "exporting democracy" to Karabakh occupied by it, should think about the urgent problems of their own citizens.
Amazing are false appearance, speeches and performances of real life political actors and their vows of making Pakistan an Asian tiger or Islamabad's nuking conquest prospect with Islamization and everyone becoming a Muslim worldwide!
The altered video had been slowed down, giving the false appearance that Pelosi was drunk, ill or otherwise impaired.
Here, too, the main concern of Haley and other American authorities is to create the false appearance of a victim, allegedly striving for truth, with the investigations merely serving as a facade.
The SECs complaint against Beaufort and Kyriacou alleges that they: opened brokerage accounts for the undercover agent in the names of nominees in order to conceal his identity and his connection to the anticipated trading activity in the accounts suggested that the undercover agent could create the false appearance that HD Views stock was liquid in advance of a pump-and-dump by gam ing the market through matched trades.executed multiple purchase orders of HD View shares with the understanding that Beauforts client had arranged for an associate to simultaneously offer an equivalent number of shares at the same price, A second complaint filed by the SEC in the U.S.
Well, experiences in the continent have proven that African dictators can give the false appearance of order and stability while in reality sowing the seeds of present and future destabilisation.
They then allegedly created the false appearance of active trading by making manipulative trades from those accounts to inflate the stock prices.
This case demonstrates the false appearance of a cirrhotic liver based on its macronodular surface and heterogeneous parenchyma.