false assertion

See: falsehood
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If only that was the sole false assertion Cameron made in his successful appeal to parliament last week.
And that's a false assertion debunked by a study by the Scottish Trades Unions Congress.
This evidence undercuts with facts the false assertion by some car companies that airbag timing is affected by using comparable aftermarket components.
Yet again we see the proponents of abortion making the false assertion that abortion is actually safer than childbirth," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, which litigates pro-life issues.
Fact: This is a false assertion and misleading in the context of the Bulgarian contract.
David Goeddel and his colleagues some 20 years ago that dispute this false assertion.
I want to thank GOGAS for setting the record straight and addressing the false assertion that there were no agreements in place," said Verona.
We also must clarify Micrel's FALSE assertion that we propose removing Micrel CEO Ray Zinn.
We are gratified by the decision and the absolute repudiation of the city's false assertion that the decree hampers effective law enforcement," stated Harvey Grossman, legal director of the ACLU of Illinois.
In making its false assertion, the Equity Committee failed to disclose that, in connection with seeking a negotiated plan that could be approved, New Valley settled numerous contested issues relating to post-petition interest and settled the disputed claim of only one of its creditors.
The Worcester Regional Research Bureau's independent report "Toward a Common Understanding of the Common Core'' released earlier this year examines and debunks many of the myths about the standards, including this false assertion.
The United Steelworkers (USW) released the following statement today from USW District 4 Director John Shinn after gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley doubled down on his false assertion that workers, town officials and even Gov.