false assertion

See: falsehood
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Cayetano said that was a false assertion because the Philippine national police have recorded 3,968 deaths of suspects in more than 80,600 anti-drug operations from the time Duterte took power in 2016 until last November.
Although the paper later issued a correction, noting that the map had depicted electoral districts, not individual Democratic lawmakers, her lawsuit said the response "did not approach the degree of the retraction and apology necessary and warranted by the Times ' false assertion that Mrs.
The film, including Chaplin's parody of Hitler, was a direct response to the Nazi Party's false assertion that Chaplin was Jewish--and the banning of all of his films.
In an article for the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Mr Price wrote: "Another email, this time by an Aviva senior director - dated July 14 last year - pointed to the false assertion by the Welsh Government 'that we requested a 100% underwrite a few days before the rejection [of the first proposal in April 2016], when in fact this deal had been worked up with the Welsh Government (through civil servants) for many months and nothing in our funding structure changed in the run up to the announcement'".
Her demonstrably false assertion that nothing had changed on the key social care policy, when the panicked application of a cap changes everything, is a wake-up call to voters sleepwalking into another Tory government.
In another patently false assertion, Rossiter asks, "What exactly does Jesus do in the theology of theistic evolution?
The Worcester Regional Research Bureau's independent report "Toward a Common Understanding of the Common Core'' released earlier this year examines and debunks many of the myths about the standards, including this false assertion.
The United Steelworkers (USW) released the following statement today from USW District 4 Director John Shinn after gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley doubled down on his false assertion that workers, town officials and even Gov.
They consider their political opposition to be enemies, thus justify all their Machiavellian acts with the false assertion that they are living in asr al-harb (time of war) if not dar al-harb (abode of war).
Mr Seligman's argument is based on two incorrect observations, the first being the false assertion that "the housing proposed will cover most of the available land left in the city's boundaries".
It's an absolutely, patently false assertion," Biden said, adding: "Ladies and gentlemen, have they no shame?
It's this false assertion about Argentina that allows Prof.