false charge

See: frame up
References in classic literature ?
I thought so too; and my self-esteem being wounded by the false charge, I answered promptly, "I never cried for such a thing in my life: I hate going out in the carriage.
If his term of imprisonment be short - I mean comparatively, for short it cannot be - the last half year is almost worse than all; for then he thinks the prison will take fire and he be burnt in the ruins, or that he is doomed to die within the walls, or that he will be detained on some false charge and sentenced for another term: or that something, no matter what, must happen to prevent his going at large.
So the false charge was not only illegal possession of firearm which is bailable.
For McCain to repeat false charge after false charge about Obama's desire to visit wounded troops, when every reporter with Obama knew they were false, and for the major media to take almost a week to timidly and belatedlynote that the charges were false, well after the political damage to Obama had been done, with the truth given virtually no prominence compared to the falsehood, is a professional failure of countless reporters, editors and publishers covering the campaign.
Now that he's been exposed as levelling a false charge, by claiming Labour stole an idea, the Old Etonian should do the decent thing.
feminist movements and earned us the false charge of anti-Semitism; yet we have found allies among women of color and progressive Jews.
Larson provides nothing in the way of new evidence to support this fresh charge of sexual exploitation, and this uncharitable and false charge compromises the integrity of his biography.
Provoked by a false charge, the sailor Billy Budd accidentally kills John Claggert, the satanic master-at-arms.
Forer suggestes, for instance, that defamation be defined as "a statement that taken as a whole makes a verifiably false charge that the subject committed a specific criminal or other degrading act.
Then a safeguard should also be provided against arrest and trial on a false charge.
For one thing, relief might come to him after much suffering and for another, he could be made to pay for court biases in favour of the person making a false charge.
He suggested that Jonathan ought to have been executed, reinforcing the false charge of treason.