false claim

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3 billion in health care fraud and false claim settlements in fiscal 2014, down from $2.
The court left it for a jury to determine whether Hawley started a chain of events that led to the ultimate submission and payment of a false claim by the federal government, simply by submitting the application for coverage to the insurance carrier.
In that case, the party that fraudulently originated the mortgage can be liable for "causing" a false claim to be submitted.
Moreover, the brief argues that one of the consequences of allowing cases like this one to proceed is the disincentive it creates for states and local governments to do their own investigative audits for fear of providing the basis for a False Claim Act case like this one-in effect, as the brief puts it, greatly increasing the chances that "no good deed goes unpunisheded.
1) Recent federal legislation gave the State of Florida an opportunity to receive increased revenue from successful false claim prosecutions in exchange for strengthening the state False Claims Act.
A contractor may, therefore, be exposed to liability for: knowingly submitting or causing another person to submit a false claim for payment; making false records or statements to support a false claim; engaging in a conspiracy to get the State to pay a false claim; possessing or controlling property or money used, or to be used, by the State and intending to defraud the State or conceal the money or property; making or delivering a receipt without knowing that the information contained therein is true; and making false records or statements to reduce or avoid an obligation to the State.
The amended Act provides for treble damages and penalties of up to $11,000 per false claim.
But the amnesty is now over and anyone caught making a false claim will face action.
available to those accused of making a false claim.
Legalizing same-sex unions is still giving way to the false claim of equality for lesbians and "gays".
government and "knowingly" making a false record or statement to get a false claim paid.
And yet here we have a false claim and it makes head line news.