false construction

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Bush, citing its apparent intent to restrain an allegedly false construction of Islam in favor of a purportedly more peaceful or compliant one.
But, in a damaging blow to Mr Blunkett's asylum stance, the judge ruled the Home Secretary had adopted a false construction of his own policy.
Dismissal of Judaism happens when scholars oppose Jesus' liberating relationship with women against a false construction of "legalistic" ancient Israel.
53) She then argues in Hobbesian fashion that the duke was old enough to consent when the original contract was made and "if a coward make a promise through distracted fear, laws that carry more terrors, than the broken promise [carries] profit, will make him keep it, for a promise must neither be broken upon suspicion, nor false construction, nor enticing persuasions, nor threatening ruins, but it must be maintained with life, and kept by death, unless the promises carry more malignity in the keeping them, than the breaking of them" (39).
What it also shows (as many feminist theorists, such as Carole Pateman, now argue) is that the difference/equality dichotomy in politics is often a false construction.
Will is a false construction, as befits fiction, because he has no ties: no family; no need to work (his father wrote a dreadful Christmas song, Santa's Super Sleigh, way back when and it has kept Will in pounds 40,000 of royalties a year - Will notes with horror how he hears this song in a shopping precinct or on the radio earlier and earlier each year); no relationship that gets messy because he always ends it before that happens.