false ground

See: pretext
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Advocate Sohail Rajput, counsel of Nawabzada Jameel Akbar Bugti said that Musharraf's advocate is resorting to delay tactics and is sleeping exemption on a false ground of illness.
David [Allan] said he hit a bit of false ground 50 yards from the line and lost his action but was coming back at the end.
The track is reported to be heavy, waterlogged in places with patches of false ground after 20 millimetres of rain in the last 24 hours.
The ground staff have been working hard to move rails in order to avoid areas of false ground and improve wetter areas by filling them with fibre soil, which adds stability to ground that is not as consistent as the rest of the course.
Other factors include flooding of products from outside the country as well as an export ban," he said adding that the export ban was imposed last year on a false ground that the local companies raised the prices recklessly reaching up to SR 6000 per ton.
We have got some areas of false ground and waterlogging and it's not going to improve.
The Scottish venue had to cancel last Wednesday's meeting at the last minute due to a patch of false ground and although there was a slight moment of worry about the bend, the fixture passed without incident.
Heavy rain has already had a major impact on the recent fixture list and an area of false ground left clerk of the course Bob Davies with no option but to call the meeting off.
Even if the waterlogged areas did dry, it could leave us with false ground so we have had to call it off.
The course has waterlogged, false ground and as a result of that, we've been forced to abandon.
Tomorrow's meeting at Nottingham has been abandoned due to false ground in places
We decided to run as the ground was not as bad as I feared but Kieren said she found it difficult to get a hold of it from where she was on the false ground.