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The statement called on the UN Security Council to show common sense and objectively assess the essence of the US attempts to present a false image of the perpetrators of chemical incidents in Syria.
investigated a cortical activity during the cognitive task consisted of binocular viewing of a false image, which is observed when the eyes are refocused out of the random-dot stereogram plane (3D phenomenon) and concluded that during stereo perception of the false image the power of alpha-band activity decreased in the left parietal area and bilaterally in frontal areas of the cortex, while activity in beta-1, beta-2, and delta frequency bands remained unchanged.
Anzour reiterated that Syria will not deviate from its firm stance towards the joint Arab work, rather it will continue to support the Palestinian cause and fight against Israeli entity, noting that the media misleading campaigns aimed at conveying a distorted false image of the reality of events in Syria.
It accused the government of censoring "information, news or reports that are different from the rosy and false image the government tries to disseminate on the situation of human rights in Egypt." The ban shows "not only that it refuses any criticism, but also that its arguments are weak," the group said in a statement.
This campaign serves as manipulative sensationalism and is intended to create a false image for these events in the Assembly, but BDI's parliamentary group led by leader Ali Ahmeti approves the policies of the new parliamentary majority and pledges for the creation of a new reform government", commented from BDI.
lends itself to a dangerous and false image of God and idolatry," ( said Joe Schimmel , pastor of Blessed Hope Chapel in California, in December.
ISIS works to spread false propaganda and to present a false image of itself as enabling a good life under Islam, or a religious and military adventure.
Meanwhile, this week at the Vatican, Pope Francis said: "Those people who deny Christ's divinity create a false image of God."
Referring to Iran as a special case to be considered by students studying in political science field, Falahat Pishe said that presenting a false image of Iran especially by western media is regarded as a black washing factor.
He added false and manipulated asylum cases have been orchestrated and used to project a false image of impending crisis so as to accuse the Eritrean Government.
The report, in his view, has also helped dispel the false image the opposition has been creating.