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At the time of the False Imprisonment, (victim) was under 13 years of age; and
Some courts have interpreted false imprisonment with regards to employment-related practices.
The Adam Walsh Act of 2006 requires states to make register as lifetime sex offenders those convicted of false imprisonment of a minor.
Mr Craik was ordered to stand trial at Newcastle Crown Court after city magistrates heard a private prosecution concerning a row of allegations of false imprisonment.
Co-defendant Jason Goode, 27, of Verdant Lane, Hither Green, London, was found guilty of two counts of false imprisonment.
Both pleaded not guilty to kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice.
The court held, inter alia, that the false imprisonment and emotional distress claims of the plaintiff were claims that did not present an "issue of medical malpractice, error, or mistake." The court found that false imprisonment claims against hospitals and physicians are governed by tort statutes of limitations rather than shorter medical malpractice statutes of limitations.
He refused to answer questions, but minutes earlier the 45-year-old, who this week said his 'life was at stake,' pleaded not guilty to a grand jury indictment charging him with child molestation and a conspiracy count involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.
Current statutes recognize the offenses of kidnapping and false imprisonment. Both statutes create a "double offense" problem well known in this area of the law: They define the constraint element of the offenses so broadly that the type of constraint inherent in the commission of other offenses (e.g., robbery, sexual battery) often also proves an additional offense of kidnapping or false imprisonment.
The trio were also accused of robbery and false imprisonment at a special sitting of the District Court in Mullingar.
The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that a store owner cannot be held liable for false imprisonment if it did not knowingly provide false information to the district attorney and did not direct that a certain person be arrested.
Albright, whom prosecutors claimed was motivated by vengeance, was charged with a plethora of serious offenses, including an open count of murder, aggravated battery, and two counts each of aggravated assault and false imprisonment. Following the recent hearing, however, state District Judge Albert S.