false logic

See: sophistry
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This is a false logic of agglomeration, which argues that if you concentrate facilities and resources into central nodes and locations, the benefits of proximity will both develop there and then overflow in a "trickledown" manner to surrounding lessprivileged areas.
That is the false logic of the binary code that computers are programmed with, which ignores the complexity of life in the real world.
A specific example of false logic is the patriotic speech of Nicos Kotzias, the Greek foreign minister, at an event organised by the Federation of Cypriot American Organisations in New York to honour the minister for his "solid patriotism".
Straight and Crooked Thinking became my guide through this labyrinth of information--showing me how to classify information, how to subject pronouncements to tests, how to distinguish false logic from real logic, how to arrive at rational deductions and above all, how to see through emotional manipulation.
Misled by a completely false logic, marketers are using creativity as a sub- stitute for budget rather than as a multiplier of it.
They represent just one section of healthcare and cannot, without proper training, speak on anything other than a medical opinion in their specialty Nurses, along with other physicians and medical team members, should be considered on their experience, education, and training for board selection to add diversity in thought and action To assume a physician has any further knowledge on healthcare, healthcare issues, or insight on medical organization programs or processes, solely on the fact they are a physician, is the epitome of false logic, ignorance, and group think.
Its false logic to say "I just spent $500 on a gun, I'll be damned if I'll pay another $85 for a holster when I can buy one for $15.
Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionist advocates can repeatedly threaten the Iranian people with military strikes, yet simultaneously promote the false logic that the Islamic Republic wishes to create a holocaust by allegedly denying the Holocaust (whatever that means).
It wrote a Miranda law that is based on the false logic that two wrongs make a right.
If they are taught false logic and false doctrines, mental cripples are produced, destined for a life of misery.
When this false logic collapsed scientifically, the result was a great vacuum in the ideological world.
Jews, especially, should reject the notion that victims of violence somehow did something to have it coming, a false logic applied throughout history to rationalize our own persecution.