false logic

See: sophistry
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The present challenge is how to achieve this aim since the Israelis have won successive wars over the Palestinians and they see no need for compromise and are content to remain a brutal occupying power, prepared to use force when they deem necessary with no regard for law, on the false logic that protecting Israeli security allows the security forces to do what they want.
A major theme of Turkish puppet theater is freedom from the restrictions of false logic, politeness, norms, and deceitful sayings.
Tutu's remarks are clever No doubt he believes what he says; yet his words cover up a devastatingly false logic.
Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionist advocates can repeatedly threaten the Iranian people with military strikes, yet simultaneously promote the false logic that the Islamic Republic wishes to create a holocaust by allegedly denying the Holocaust (whatever that means).
It wrote a Miranda law that is based on the false logic that two wrongs make a right.
If they are taught false logic and false doctrines, mental cripples are produced, destined for a life of misery.
When this false logic collapsed scientifically, the result was a great vacuum in the ideological world.
Intervention to help out the car industry is false logic.
In what follows, I will shed some light on the false logic of this debate.
It's false logic to insist that if people caused these extinctions, there ought to be abundant kill-sites," says Martin.
The fundamental problem with Obasanjo's self-succeeding scheme is that it is premised on the false logic that without one man, a nation is doomed.