false motive

See: pretext
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That means the entire foundation of these confessions is a total fabrication and provides a false motive for the crime.
If an independent party is making the purchase," said Buzzeo, "the pharmaceutical company can better show that they had a random sample for testing and that the process was not tainted by anyone internally with false motive.
Viewers follow the backward tale of murder from the false motives and mistaken witnesses to conversations taken completely out of context, until the truth finally comes out at the very end.
However, in March 2003 the US - under false motives - invaded Iraq and ultimately brought down the regime of Saddam Hussein.
MPs are not allowed to accuse each other of lying, nor to describe rivals as drunk, dishonourable or suggest they have false motives.
Muhammad is no martyr; he's an opportunist looking for the next big media hit and leading a blind community with false motives.
It would eliminate as far as possible any false motives for retaliation such as a desire to kill, revenge, etc.