false plea

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Those in their third category make the false plea for good reasons and ordinarily will keep mum thereafter.
The departure from otherwise generally accepted legal and political principles has led to at least two disturbing practical consequences--mass incarceration and pressure on the innocent to enter false pleas.
Here it must be remembered that despite the false plea of stiff competition, the Pakistani telecom market is working like dollar manufacturing machine for the telecom companies which are regularly earning and remitting billions of USD back to their parent overseas companies.
It seems highly improbable that the applicant, who has come from Afghanistan just to seek her status as a wife from the respondent, would have come with a false plea," the magistrate ruled.
The false plea would become just another sound legal tactic over which defense attorneys may entertain no professional qualms.
The defendant may even recoup some personal vindication from what one lawyer described as the "civil disobedience" of the false plea.
Instead, the system should reconceive of false pleas as legal fictions and require defense lawyers to advise and assist innocent defendants who wish to enter into plea bargains and mouth dishonest on-the-record words of guilt.
I fault these pleas not because--as the typical complaint goes--they facilitate guilty pleas for the innocent, but rather because they do not make these false pleas easy or equitable enough.
Instead, I propose ethical and systemic acceptance of false pleas as a means of guaranteeing innocent defendants' equal access to the benefits of bargaining.
276) False pleas are only less truthful than these other fictions by degree.
All that recommends prohibition of false pleas is visceral distaste--and that is not enough.
Lack of due diligence and memory issues is absolutely false pleas which are not tenable before the court of law.