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In addition to the crossreaction, false positives also can occur because of technician or clerical error--making it important to review the process by which the specimen was obtained and tested if a false-positive result is suspected, as in the case described here.
One approach is to ask explicitly how many false positives one can accept for every false negative, or how many false negatives one can accept for every false positive.
On average, the study found initial urine screens for methamphetamines produced false positives 26 percent of the time.
Investigation of false positive results with an oral fluid rapid HIV-1/2 antibody test.
Correlation should serve three major purposes: pulling out remaining false positives, escalating false negatives and enriching threat data.
The problem is that we become overwhelmed by false positives in relation to the relatively rare true positives.
The higher false positive rates than previously reported can be attributed to the additional medical conditions in the lungs.
Norkom Watch List Smart Update redefines intelligent client risk management by reducing costly false positives in detection of financial crime
It generates no false positives when scanning a set of clean files.
Gann also calculates that the combined test would yield fewer false positive results.
Researchers who examined 8,779 post-menopausal women ages 50 and older found that those taking ERT were 71 percent more likely to get a false positive reading - a reading that suggests cancer is present when it is not - than those not taking estrogen.
One of the biggest advantages to analytic technology in fighting fraud is its low false positive ratio.