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This, of course, produces more false positives - but it also results in the detection of more actual cancers, thus saving more lives.
Norkom Watch List Smart Update redefines intelligent client risk management by reducing costly false positives in detection of financial crime
These finds make up for the test's high false positive rate -- at least until better HIV detectors come along, the panel concluded.
False positives are a major problem with many of the fraud tools available on the market.
conclude that "a screening program for HIV infection in a low-prevalence population can have an acceptably low false positive rate.
He says that with the relatively low but persistent number of false positive results on initial screening and a frustratingly high number of indeterminate results on confirmatory tests, "it's my opinion that recombinant antigen tests will sooner rather than later replace the current (tests).
Correlation rules to suppress false positives are configured automatically without user intervention and pre-defined templates enable customers to customize QRadar quickly for their unique environments.
The results are both greater profitability, because fewer bad payments occur, and better customer relationships because fewer deserving customers get caught in a false positive float decision.
The high false positive rate means some antibody-free blood will be discarded, but not to the point where it will critically affect blood bank supplies, say the researchers.
The drawback with the PSA test is that it has a high false positive rate (estimated at up to 75%), meaning it picks up many benign conditions of raised PSA levels in the blood -- such as enlargement of the prostate or a prostate infection.